When looking for a way to make kosher meat, you may think that it will be a difficult and time-consuming process. In reality, you're looking at the wrong type of problem. Kosher meat doesn't have to be complicated. It just requires you to ensure everything is kept separate and in its proper place before cooking. We at L'chaim Meats offer different Kosher Chilli Recipes for you to choose from and come up with the best way for you to cook your kosher meat.

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Our Kosher Chilli Recipe

1. Take your meat and cook it on high heat before adding oil or fat. Make sure that you have minced the meat.

2. While the meat is cooking, add some ginger and garlic to the pan and sauté on medium heat until they are fragrant but not burnt.

3. Add in your chili flakes and paprika powder at this stage and mix for around 2-3 minutes.

4. Add in the chopped onion and serve your meat hot.

5. If you like more heat and spice, add chili flakes and paprika powder. You may also want to add some tea leaves on top of the meat before serving if you want it to look fancy.

Kosher Meat Recipes Using Wine

Our Kosher Meat Recipes using wine are simple to make and will taste great. There's not a lot you need to do to prepare the meat unless you want to make a sauce. Wine is a great way to bring out the flavor of your kosher meat and make it much more delicious. Here are some recipes you can use to cook your kosher meat:

Our Kosher Meat Recipes with Wine Beginner's Guide

1. Start cooking your meat using our kosher chili recipe if you want. Place the meat in a saucepan and add your wine. Let the mixture boil until it's almost evaporated, then reduce to a simmer. Turn the heat to begin boiling again, and add more wine to your meat if you want a stronger flavor.

2. Allow the meat to simmer for around 2 hours and turn off the heat when approximately half of the wine has been evaporated (you may want to check on the meat after 1 hour). Allow it to sit for 10 minutes before serving.

3. If you want to make your meat more pronounced, add more wine and simmer it even longer. You may also want to add some red wine vinegar at this stage if you want a stronger flavor.

4. Serve your meat with parsley and serve extremely hot or cold. You may also want to add rosemary or thyme if you'd like the meat to smell fresh.


We at L'chaim Meats tell you how to make meat kosher without trimming and without complicated methods. Our kosher meat recipes are simple and easy to make, so you can enjoy your kosher meat using wine to marinate it. To know more, give us a call today at tel:1-954-323-4557.