Bison is a great source of lean protein and is better for your body than beef. And while this recipe would be just as good with either, we think it tastes better with Bison – so we've found a way to make that work too! With a few simple ingredients and an easy prep time, you can have a hearty Protein Packed Chili meal on the table in no time at all. L'chaim Meats offers 100% Grass-Fed, 100% Pure Beef and Lamb.

The chili itself is a great way to use leftover bison meat and any pepper, onion or garlic you've got in the fridge.

Benefits of Consuming Bison Meat Protein

1. Lean Protein

Bison is a very lean protein, which means it has less fat than other types of protein. It's not uncommon to see the fat content of Bison at 5% or less, meaning you're consuming more muscle meat and fewer veins, organs and other fatty tissues.

2. Fewer Calories

Because Bison protein is so lean, it has fewer calories per serving. That translates into less fat storage over time if you're consuming almost equal Bison and beef regularly.

3. Better for Your Heart

In addition to being leaner than other types of protein, Bison is also a terrific choice for those who eat red meat and want to reduce the risk of heart disease. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that consuming bison meat significantly lowers the risk of non-fatal heart attacks.

4. Less Sodium & More Potassium

One serving (8 oz.) contains less sodium than 1 oz. of beef. And that's one serving of bison meat! Moreover, one serving contains 90% more potassium than the same amount of beef. That is great news for those of you who are seeking to reduce high blood pressure.

Why Choose Bison Protein Packed Chillies?

Because Bison is leaner than other types of protein, it will fill you up without filling you out. That means less fat storage and better nutrition overall. Bison Meat Protein Packed Chillies are a great way to use leftover bison meat after a big dinner. 

Healthy Qualities of Bison Meat 

1. Grass-Fed & Pasture Raised

Grass-fed animals are raised outdoors on pasture - eating natural food and living in an "environmentally friendly" manner. In contrast, grain-fed animals are raised indoors and fed corn and other grains that are not the natural foods of our planet. To create a healthy environment for the animals, farm families rotate the cows on pasture every few weeks to add fresh grass for each group of cows. The meat is healthier because the animals have a better diet and are in an environment that is more beneficial to their overall health. 

2. Lean

Because we feed the animal either with grass or grain, its muscle is leaner than similar beef from cattle raised in confinement. That means less fat at the same caloric content, which results in fewer calories per serving. In addition, meat tends to be higher in Omega 3s, considered healthy fats.

3. Free Range & Antibiotic-Free

Our Meat products are free-range – meaning we didn't raise them in confinement or cages. They're also antibiotic-free because, as farmers, we're committed to raising healthy animals without using drugs that can be passed on and affect our customers' health.

4. Naturally Tasty

Because our packaged chilis meat is raised in a healthy, natural environment, the animals naturally produce bi-products like Omega 3's in the grass they eat. As they're pastured and not enclosed in cages, the animals can access fresh water from wells instead of using artificial water sources. We also source our meat from farms that are not using hormones or steroids, which aren't the best for health. 


As you can see, whether you're looking for a healthy protein to add to your diet or are already a fan of Bison, Bison Protein Packed Chillis is a great option for your next family meal. This healthy chili recipe is easy and quick to prepare. It's very kid-friendly, making it an excellent weekend option when parents are looking for a healthy meal that everyone can grab and go to. L'chaim Meats offers 100% Grass-Fed, 100% Pure Beef & Lamb.